YouCo Holdings


Youco Holdings is a face to face marketing events company. We are specialist in face to face marketing. We host events in the form of retail events, sporting events, exhibitions and road shows. We play a major role in donor acquisition. We work with the worlds largest NGO’s and NPO’s around the world. Our Clients base includes charities such as Save the Children SA, Actionaid SA, Starfish SA, Greenpeace, Doctors without Boarders SA, WWF SA, Hollard Insurance as well as Liberty Life. 


A first class team

Hire a sales and marketing team to launch your next product, promote an event or even secure sales / donations.

YouCo Awards Ceremony 2015

Training Seminars

Educate and empower yourself as you develop sales and marketing skills.

We are internally focused on the advancement of our team members. We know the most effective way to manage a team is to lead by example. Our company strictly promotes from within to ensure our management team has a full understanding of their team members' responsibilities. Recognition, advancement and travel opportunities are based on merit and results, not seniority. Our structured business development program is perfect for a graduate or new comer to the business field looking for an opportunity to prove themselves.